Risk management is a wide-ranging field, with opportunities in many industries. But, with so many different areas in the field, there is a lot of information to absorb. If you’re new to the field, or if you’re venturing into a new area of risk management, you might appreciate some of the resources listed here. They are basically “cheat sheets” for many different areas.

  1. TechTarget: This sheet from Search Security offers tips on access management solutions, including the pros and cons of each.
  2. Risk Management Cheat Sheet: This downloadable cheat sheet is a Power Point presentation that walks you through all the steps of identifying a risk, analyzing that risk and mitigating it. This sheet works well for many different types of problems and for different industries.
  3. Wall Street Cheat Sheet: This article give “cheat sheet” style tips for risk managers managing financial risk.
  4. Amudee: Amudee is a blog. This particular post has a list of CRC information that works as a cheat sheet for those in corporate risk management. It’s quite useful.
  5. Secure Puter: This is also a blog offering a cheat sheet to readers on internet security and risk management. You’ll also find that this is a handy reference for definitions.
  6. Kesdee: Kesdee offers these online tutorials for those preparing to take the exam to become a certified risk management professional.
  7. Risk Management Lab Compliance: This risk management cheat sheet helps with risk management in the medical industry, specifically related to laboratories.
  8. IRMI: IRMI offers all sorts of resources for risk management professionals. You’ll find examples and tips on implementing risk management practices and procedures, as well as a library of resources.
  9. Risk Forum: This is an online community for those in the risk management profession. Through their discussion boards, you can ask questions and participate in discussions designed to help you solve your biggest risk management issues quickly.
  10. Captive Domiciles: Another great link from IRMI for those in the insurance risk management field, this give a quick reference list of captive domiciles.
  11. IRMI: Government Departments: This handy cheat sheet from IRMI provides links to agencies of the US government.
  12. IRMI: Insurance Associations: Another cheat sheet from IRMI, this one offers links to Risk Management and Insurance Associations in the US.
  13. IRMI Glossary: This is the perfect glossary for those new to the industry. It provides a definition for all the insurance and risk management terms you can imagine.
  14. University of California: This page from the Risk Management department at the University of California offers plenty of resources, including a downloadable cheat sheet for project risk assessment that is very handy for project managers who have risk associated with the projects they’re managing.
  15. Healthcare Risk Management: This website, dedicated to professionals in the risk management field in healthcare offers lots of resources and links. It is especially helpful to risk management professionals seeking to learn more about healthcare reform.
  16. Risk Management Web: This website is dedicated to providing resources to risk managers in every field. Their site includes a job board and a discussion board divided into categories based on the type of risk management field the question relates to. You can likely get many of your questions answered here.
  17. Structured Approach to Enterprise Risk Management: This document provides all you need to know about ISO 31000 as it relates to the area of enterprise risk management.
  18. Institute of Risk Management Publications: This page offers lots of publications, many of which will give you all the information you need to answer your questions about many specific areas.
  19. Risk Management Professional Publication: This link offers you access to a quarterly publication for risk management professionals. This publication will provide you with lots of articles that can help you manage the fundamentals of your field.
  20. Risk and the Financial Crisis: This document from IRM offers insight into and tips to manage the current financial crisis.

Though it’s pretty certain that you won’t need all the resources listed here, there are a wide range of fields covered, so you’re sure to find something that can help you get even better at your job.

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