Scholarship and Grant Opportunities for Masters in Risk Management Programs

Are you interested in going back to school for an advanced degree in risk management? There are programs in this field available across the country and even online, and with the help of college scholarships and grants, you could get your degree for next to nothing – or even for free. before you write your first tuition check, take some time to look at the funds available to help students in this field.

Risk Management Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students based on merit, such as academic achievement as an undergraduate student. Students who are entering a graduate degree program often receive scholarships as part of a fellowship agreement that comes attached to responsibilities to serve as a teaching assistant or research assistant. Some colleges offer scholarships directly to their risk management students, but you can also find scholarships from outside organizations. Scholarship opportunities change from year to year, but some of the places where scholarships for risk management students could be found in the past include with the Spencer Educational Foundation, the University Risk Management and Insurance Association, and the Institute of Risk Management.

Risk Management Grants

Grants are available to risk management students who can demonstrate financial need. Like scholarships, grants do not have to be repaid after you graduate and are available both directly from colleges and from outside organizations. You can start your search for grants to help pay for your risk management education with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education, and other organizations in the insurance and risk management industry.

Loans and Other Sources of Money for College

Along with scholarships and grants, you can also look at other sources of money available to students interested in risk management master’s degree programs. Loans are the most common source of money for school, but they do have to be repaid. Student loans, however, typically are offered at low interest rates and you don’t have to start repaying them until after you graduate, giving you time to find a job in your field. In addition, you can see if your current employer offers any kind of tuition assistance program, which can provide you with money for education in return for agreeing to working with there company for a certain number of years after you graduate.

Top Online Masters in Risk & Project Management Degrees

Boston University MS in Risk Management Boston University › The MS degree in business continuity, security, & risk management at Boston University is designed to teach student the concepts needed to prevent, plan for, and respond to items that threaten to disrupt business operations. This includes learning the ability to perform business wide risk analysis, incident response, compliance issue response, and disaster recovery. The course is structured to include all organizations with a business.
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Kaplan University MS in Project Management MBA in Project Management Kaplan University › Kaplan University's MS in project management and MBA in project management offer advanced training to help students develop the skills they need to find solutions in real-life business situations. Students will analyze theories and trends of leadership, study ethics in making strategic business decisions, and learn organizational finance methodologies.
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Walden University MBA in Risk Management MS in Project Management MBA in Project Management Walden University › Walden University's MBA in risk management, MS in project management, and MBA in project management prepare graduates for the world of project and risk management. These programs feature a dynamic curriculum that teach the skills needed to manage projects and lead diverse teams to achieve strategic goals.
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Norwich University MS in Business Continuity Mgmt MS/BCM: Private Sector MS/BCM: Govt Operations Norwich University › The Master of Science in Business Continuity Management program at Norwich University develops leaders necessary to find effective solutions that threaten the future growth or existence of a company. Specialization in private sector and governmental operations are available within this program allowing you to tailor the curriculum to your desired type of business organization upon graduation.
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